Chao Sheng Trading

Chao Sheng managed to grow from a family business to a corporation with a high expertise degree in the international markets over 17 years of successful work. Both modern technologies and software appliance, allowing to analyze data and make quick decisions in real time, contributed to such great results.

Chao Sheng operates within several areas, both independently and on its clients’ behalf, including investors and funds. The company managed to get a permit to operate in China, USA and Great Britain, which allowed to conduct investment activities in all international markets.

Today, Chinese investment trading companies are deemed the most important participants in the international financial markets and play an important role in investing and managing financial assets, which confirms their high expertise and influence in the current segment.

Our Chao Sheng company is one of the cryptocurrency trading segment leaders. We managed to successfully close all trading and currency transactions on various world cryptocurrency exchanges due to a carefully selected professional traders and analysts team.

We reduce all the losses risks to zero, being one of the best company's achievements indicators due to the portfolios’ diversification, i.e. the investments distribution among various cryptocurrency pairs and exchanges.

We find out the best conditions for guaranteed successful transactions due to advanced investment strategies, the latest equipment, as well as a thorough analysis and monitoring of all the largest cryptocurrency sites.


We accept deposits from $ 50 with 1% daily income and working period of 360 days


Referral systems

We have developed an affiliate program, consisting of 7 levels, especially for Chao Sheng company’s investors. Below are described the dividends terms, which you will get per the participants you invited. Please note that deposit is not required to participate in the program.

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Multi-accounts are prohibited!

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18 Whitfield Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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